Lapo position

la holding

LA Holding was founded by Lapo Elkann in 2008 with the goal of creating a flexible tool through which to develop innovative projects. From its birth LA Holding has incubated and launched new ventures, and assisted in the turnaround and advising of existing companies, working with premium partners of international standing.
LA Holding wants to grow with an expanding role as a catalyst for innovation at a global level, expanding its network of partners and sectors of expertise.

independent ideas

Founded in 2007, Independent Ideas is a creative factory that works with an international network of partners who specialise in many different aspects of communication and creativity and who are capable of working together to develop integrated communications projects: brand promotion, advertising strategy and advertising campaigns, Web design and digital PR, video production and post-production, branding and graphic design as well as events.

italia independent

Italia Independent, founded on 9th January 2007 is a creativity and style brand for independent people that marries fashion and design, tradition and innovation. Italia Independent updates Made in Italy and reinterprets classic icons. It operates in the most diverse of sectors, ranging from clothing to home décor, eyewear to automobiles, to export Italian style to the world. Distributed in over 1.000 opticians in Italy and 1.000 opticians in Europe and the rest of the world; in 100 fashion stores in Italy, 80 fashion stores in Europe and the rest of the world.

garage italia

Garage Italia Customs means elegance, style, taste, study of detail and planning.
A team of experts has been carefully selected with incomparable qualities in the field of wrapping, painting and upholstery and has initiated a specialization providing extraordinary results of excellence.
Garage Italia Customs satisfies any requirement with a tailor-made service that  re-elaborates the clients’ very wishes. The headquarters are in the unforgettable Agip petrol station in Piazzale Accursio in Milan, for which the architect Mario Bacciocchi was commissioned in 1952.